Laser Lipo Cleanse

Low power laser lipo is a body sculpting / weight loss technology that reduces fat by causing fat cells to release their contents into the surrounding tissue. The essential complement to laser lipo treatment is stimulation of lymphatic circulation to help the body process the unwanted residue from the fat cells. TheraVibe™ provides the perfect alternative to a manual lymphatic massage – TheraVibe's therapeutic whole-body lymphatic massage performs with consistency and precision many times more efficient than a manual massage.

Body Wrap

Body wrapping is a proven technique for detoxification, inch loss, toning and weight loss. Body wrapping draws out waste and excess toxins through the skin and therefore the benefits depend on good circulation in the skin. General guidelines for body wrapping require the patron to remain active while wrapped in order to stimulate circulation. Therapeutic whole body vibration has been shown to almost double blood circulation (without increasing heart rate), especially in the upper layers of the skin, making it a perfect fit for a body wrap treatment. From a practical standpoint, TheraVibe does not require the large range of motion that would loosen the body wraps.

Reducing discomfort

One of the side effects of obesity is the pain and discomfort associated with exercise, or even walking or standing. So the inclination is often to exercise less, which naturally spirals the situation in the wrong direction. While therapeutic whole body vibration (TWBV) is not a miracle weight loss technology, it reduces discomfort, massaging deep tissue otherwise inaccessible on someone chronically overweight. Thus it can help rekindle an exercise regime by reducing the discomfort associate with movement.

Improved fluid balance

Although TWBV (or whole body massage) does not burn significant calories, it substantially improves fluid distribution and balance throughout the body. Hence it is quite common to have immediate short term loss of weight which creates a positive mindset. This weight loss seldom continues, but muscle tone continues to improve.

General Health Benefits

  • Increased blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrition delivered to cells, especially in areas where circulation is poor as a result of injury or disease.
  • Improved function of the lymphatic system results in improved fluid balance throughout the body, improved fatty acid distribution and improved immune function. The lymphatic system is the garbage collection system for the body, so improved lymphatic health equals more effective waste and toxin removal.
  • Overall joint health, balance, coordination and flexibility result from the influence of the gentle vibration of the joints when standing on the TheraVibe platform. With each movement (occurring several times per second), the ligaments around the joint are gently stretched. The cartilage is palpated, lubricating joint surfaces. With each vibration, a flood of signals travels from the joint to the brain and then back again to the muscles to maintain posture and stability. This process improves coordination and balance.
  • Increased muscle activity leads to an increase in lean muscle mass, while the rhythmic tension of the tendons on the bones is thought to cause of increased bone mass (or reduced loss of bone mass), one of the most researched effects of TWBV.

Theravibe Whole Body Vibration