Chiropractic pre and post treatment

Whole body massage on TheraVibe™ relaxes joints in preparation for an adjustment. As a post treatment option, TheraVibe helps to set adjustments, reducing the likelihood of joints returning to their previous position.

Pain management clinic

Therapeutic whole body vibration (TWBV) particularly the low force, low frequency variety, demonstrates promise as a drug-free treatment approach for fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Sensitivity to vibration is a common side effect of FMS and CFS, so TheraVibe's ability to control the vibration force such that it can be set at a very low level is critical to successful therapy.

With each successful treatment, the sensitivity to the whole body massage decreases, allowing more effective subsequent treatment.

Rehabilitation / injury recovery

Massage is recognized treatment to speed recovery of many occupational and sport related injuries. TheraVibe provides a full body massage from head to toe, front to back. A unique characteristic of massage using therapeutic whole body vibration is that it reaches deep muscles just as effectively as surface muscle.


TWBV provides several benefits that are very relevant to an aging population. These include improved circulation, more flexibility, better balance and improved bone health.

General Health Benefits

  • Increased blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrition delivered to cells, especially in areas where circulation is poor as a result of injury or disease.
  • Improved function of the lymphatic system results in improved fluid balance throughout the body, improved fatty acid distribution and improved immune function. As the garbage collection system for the body, improved lymphatic health results in more effective waste and toxin removal.
  • With each movement (occurring several times per second), the joint is palpated, improving circulation of fluid within the cartilage, lubricating joint surfaces and circulating synovial fluid in the joint capsule.
  • Under the influence of vibration, proprioceptors (the body’s force sensors) constantly update the brain about the body’s changing position in space.  The enlivening of these neurological pathways and the processing of this information in the brain improves balance, coordination and athletic performance.  This activity is sometimes referred to as “neuromuscular reeducation”.
  • Increased muscle activity accelerates the development of lean muscle mass during resistance exercise.
  • The gentle percussive loading on the bones in conjunction with alternating tension on the surface of the bones at the tendon attachment points simulates some aspects of walking and jogging. This is thought to be the cause of improved bone mineral density.
Theravibe Whole Body Vibration